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Highlights of the Department of Electrical Engineering

Employment Program

The department offers various programs, including the “ASE Semiconductor Employment Program,” “EPSON Robot Employment Program,” and cross-disciplinary programs. These initiatives aim to facilitate the integration of learning and practical application, guide students in establishing career directions, and develop their professional competencies and soft skills required in the workplace. By combining the professional internship system and workplace experiences, we strive to enhance the employment competitiveness of our students.

To achieve this goal, we actively collaborate with the Labor Development Agency, the Vocational Training Bureau, and various companies to strengthen our industry connections and promote industry-academia cooperation. Through these partnerships, we assist students in gaining workplace competitiveness and successfully attaining their employment objectives. This ensures that our institution’s exceptional talents are well-aligned with the evolving needs of the industrial sector and contribute to its development.

Multi-Disciplinary Fields

The undergraduate courses offered by this department are categorized into the power energy group, intelligent control group, communication group, and machine learning group, based on the professional fields of the faculty members. These courses are diverse and designed to align with the latest trends and industry demands.

Industry Cooperation

Starting from the academic year 1995, the department has established collaborations with United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) to offer the “Semiconductor Technology Seminar.” Additionally, since the academic year 1997, the department has partnered with ASE Electronics for the course “A Practical Approach to Integrated Circuit Packaging & Test.” These courses are exemplary models of industry-university cooperation, jointly planned by UMC and ASE Semiconductor Corporation. Prominent technical experts from the companies take turns visiting the institution to deliver lectures on the latest advancements in semiconductor manufacturing processes, packaging, and testing. The curriculum also includes on-site visits to their facilities, providing students with comprehensive insights.

Through these collaborations, the department is actively nurturing and developing talents desired by the companies, establishing a mutually beneficial relationship. Since the academic year 2019, the department have further expanded the industry partnerships by collaborating with Taiwan Epson Company for the course “PBL Project Design of Robots.” The department has established a dedicated training base and engaged industry professionals as instructors, promoting industry-university cooperation and enhancing students’ technical expertise and practical skills. Additionally, the department provides technical consultations and conducts talent identification examinations related to robotic arms, aiming to equip students with industry-aligned competencies.

These initiatives enable students to acquire knowledge and skills that closely align with the demands of the industry, fostering their professional growth and enhancing their employability.








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